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Will & Claire

Our primary objective was to better understand and cope with our child's needs. We found it quite hard to manage sometimes, in terms of how he was behaving, and there was frustration and confusion about why he would have certain behaviours and issues. Now we understand that, actually, it might be because he needs to do something. For example, now instead of asking why he keeps asking the same questions when I’ve just answered them, I realise it’s because he has a need to ask that question.


We are definitely more patient now and there's definitely less stress in our house as a result. So even though our son suffers from stress, we can adapt to it and we have the ability to cope with stressful situations better. We've learned it's about us creating the right environment. If we can build him up, if we know how to cope and create a better environment, then he's going to be happy.


One of the key points for us in improving our situation is that we learned the importance of being a role model all of the time, not just some of the time. In addition to helping us understand our child better, working with Kanan has also improved our relationship as a couple as it forced us to take an hour out each week to talk, which we hadn't been doing. There were things playing on our minds that we didn't know was coming up for each other and Kanan has definitely helped change how we talk to each other about our relationship with our son and how we can help each other be better for him.


There were also some other things that evolved in the process, such as achieving a better work/life balance. While this wasn't our main motivator to start with, it just sort of developed and it has been really positive because it became abundantly clear at the beginning that looking after ourselves, with things like getting enough sleep, was important too.

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Anu Mukharji-Gorski, Germany

I was wanting to mentor my son so that he would feel he could complete school. In those days I wasn't "hearing" what he was saying. I thought he was suffering from a lack of self-confidence. I didn't realize that he had a very real problem of lack of short-term memory. Just today, I asked him how this problem made him feel in school, because he used to have a brilliant memory. When I said does it make you feel "frightened, irritated, angry", "do you think it is strange" he said he felt all of those things. When I look back, I can see how lost and worried I was. Thank you for bringing me to where I am now, able to connect with my son.

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Nadya A, California

Kanan's coaching created a safe and positive space to explore new perspectives and ways for me to get unstuck and embrace my neurodivergent self with greater clarity. I had many prior experiences in counselling where I felt misunderstood and not well-attuned to as a gifted person with complex thoughts and experiences that were not easily mirrored. Kanan was much more able to connect with my mind and heart as someone who is also neurodivergent. She also possesses a joyful, affirmative, reassuring tone that sees complex and different needs as normal.


Kanan was willing to tackle deeper issues and concerns typical of gifted and neuroatypical minds and smoothly support how to meet myself where I was at and get some of these needs met. Her advice and approaches were very constructive, actionable and sound.


Working with her over 12 weeks improved my spiritual well-being and crystallized my values and present steps I will apply in my life going forward. I always know I can turn to her if I need future guidance and coaching with my parenting, self-development and neurodivergent needs. Lastly, she was an excellent support in decluttering my house and mind. I would strongly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity.

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I always knew that I saw the world differently from those around me, but it felt impossible to put into words how, and I had no idea why. Gradually more women who talked about their autism crossed my path, and it felt that there were traits that we shared. And then I met Kanan, and knew immediately that we needed to work together! Finally, things started to make sense, together we talked through my differing energy requirements, communication skills and areas that needed more effective strategies.


In what is essentially just a few weeks we have improved communication in my marriage, and friendships, and given me the knowledge to stop before I get too burnt out for the umpteenth time. I would recommend coaching with Kanan to anyone who doesn't understand why they don't quite fit in, or who thinks the rest of the world is totally illogical!


Imagine all the hours you could spend wondering why people have said and done things that you don't understand. The time and energy you could waste being at cross purposes with the world and people in it. Wouldn't it be priceless to have a guide to translate this maze for you? To give you a map and the directions that you could keep forever to navigate this strange and confusing place? Luckily you can have this incredible gift to change your life.

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My conversations with Kanan changed my life — I used to think I was mental! It feels such a relief to know I'm not the only one who thinks like that.

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K Smith

Before I started working with Kanan, life was confusing and I was finding it difficult to understand why I couldn’t get things done efficiently or at all sometimes. The biggest thing I got out of working with her was getting to know myself better and realising that actually I can rely on myself to help myself out.


I don’t have to look outwards, I can do what needs to be done. I now feel like I can find ways to deal with any issues that come up and have found ways to make sure I’m working at my best which feels liberating and reassuring that I can do all this myself. For anyone who’s feeling a little lost or that you’ve got more to offer but aren’t sure how to do it, Kanan is the person to speak to.

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Kanan is funny, friendly and easy to talk to. Her experience of autism and ADHD are so insightful and come from a place of understanding. Her ideas so helpful. I have ADHD and I suspect autism also. My diagnosis of ADHD was very clinical and after that experience I found myself looking for a more holistic approach. I feel that I am in a safe pair of hands and have been able to explore ADHD and autism in a light way, looking at strategies and setting goals, which were both completely new concepts to me. I would highly, highly recommend Kanan, she is wonderful.

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J.Phillips (16 years old, ADD)

The results from the coaching far outweighed our expectations. As a parent all you want is the best for your children. This is why I would highly recommend Kanan to any parent or individual who feels stuck, needs someone who really understands their condition and can provide a clear route forward. Jake learnt life skills that are bespoke to his ADD. He is so much happier, more confident and can now complete tasks.


We always knew Jake was smart and creative and told him that ADD was not related to intelligence, but Kanan’s time with Jake has really made him believe this. He now has the confidence to shape the way he leads his life and put into practice things that work for him.

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Maria (NT with Asperger partner and son)

When the possibility of ASD came up, I went into denial. It hit me, I thought there is nothing I can do about it. I’m stuck. As a parent I was worried, overwhelmed and frustrated. My relationship with my partner felt like an insurmountable challenge.


After working with you on my relationship with my autistic partner, I immediately felt validated. Someone had actually found an approach that works. I could see tangible changes — in the past there was just a lot of talking and theorising.

Knowing you were autistic and understood really helped. It encourages me to do little things on my own now as I can see how little changes make a big difference. Now I see him more as an equal and I can ask for things. I don’t see myself as a carer anymore. Life can carry on and we can change.


I feel much more loved, connected, secure, warm and safe. I feel hopeful for the future. With my son, I was able to show compassion towards him instead of demanding and being annoyed. I understood he is fine as he is and I felt more connected. I am learning to see things from his perspective. To let go of expectations and standards.


I am relaxed – whatever is going to happen in the future. I am much calmer. I’m so glad I worked with you because honestly wow I didn’t expect these types of changes. You challenged us both in the right way. The biggest thing for me was feeling calm about my fears.


I have my worries and anxieties but it feels normal instead of a crisis. I no longer see our arguments or relationship as doomed. Whatever life brings I feel more confident. To anyone who is thinking of working with Kanan I would say if you want to see significant improvements in your family life or if you have an autistic partner and you are struggling to communicate on a day to day basis, Kanan’s expertise in helping couples to communicate better will improve the quality of your relationship.

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Donna Brewster

Before I started working with Kanan life was messy, busy and extremely chaotic. Now, I am more organised and I feel a lot calmer and happier. I feel I can take on more challenges without getting stressed. I can now notice the opportunities that pass my way. For example I can now move house, which I thought was going to be impossible to achieve at this moment in time.


This makes me feel very happy, content, loved and a lot more carefree. More compassionate too. To anyone who is thinking about working with Kanan, I’d say do it, just make the time to follow your dream.

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Before I started working with Kanan home life was overwhelming, like I was drowning and I needed to come up for air. I felt like I had to “perform”, I felt threatened and having to do things in a certain way. A bad person who needed to be punished. I felt like I couldn’t talk and I would just have to leave the room.


The biggest thing I got out of working with you was more peace and a more harmonious home. I feel more connected, engaged and calm. Also less judged. I have less social anxiety and am able to be in the same room as my partner without feeling overwhelmed.


Now, our son comes and joins in when we are doing our hugs. He’s never done that before, it’s only after we started our work with you. Your coaching was tailored to me because you understood me, for example knowing I might want more time to think than a neurotypical counsellor.


I’m so glad we went ahead because we (my wife and I) are in a better place than we were before. As soon as I started interacting with you I sensed a kindness in you. You were caring, flexible with your time, calm and paced things in a way which didn’t feel overwhelming. You gave suggestions to work on in a way which felt realistic.


As a couple, our communication styles and needs are very different and you have been a translator for my wife and I so thank you. You have reminded me that I have a heart. Because of all the judgment I felt, I had locked it away. Now I’ve been awakened and I just need to remember to use it. It feels safer to come out now.

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I had a lot of things that I'd held onto in my home and life, all disorganised. They took a lot of space up in my head. It was not easy to find things, I felt guilt, frustration and had negative self talk. It was exhausting. I freed a lot of space in my head and emotionally by freeing up space in my environment.


You changed my attitude towards the stuff I held on to - that has been transformational. You were totally non-judgemental and non patronising. You understood me and never belittled me. You understood my emotional attachment and that my brain is wired differently.


It was easy to have open conversations with you. What really helped was your passion, background and experience as a yogi - working on an energetic level, a heart level, not academic. It was just different. Being able to contact you at any time was absolutely vital and helped my nuerodiverse brain. You were always quick to respond back and motivate me to carry on.

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Two years ago today my "break down" began... it symbolised the end of so many dreams. Now each day is filled with such gratitude; the scars are part of me.. but their effect is one of peace and beauty. Kanan was one of the angels that walked that shattered path with me. Always close by, holding my pain with such strength and compassion. She always knew exactly what to do, exactly how to be. Her presence, wisdom and hope sustained me when I had none.


"Enjoying and being" is woven through every moment of my life now...result!! Some things never change... but it doesn't overwhelm me now. I'm scheduling, managing stuff, being mindful, exercising and working in a much more successful way. I feel I've come really far and I'm very proud of myself.

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Anneli Living (high potential)

Kanan is an incredible life coach and multi-skilled professional! She has become my most precious ally, helping me take control of my life and working towards my 'dream life'. Most importantly, Kanan is helping me shift my mindset, allowing me to see opportunities I may not have been aware of.


She gave me clarity and guidance throughout the whole year; by the end of the year, I felt I had completed most of my goals. What I love most about working with Kanan is her open-mindedness and non-judgemental approach. I feel at ease to say exactly what I feel and how I see things without ever feeling worried about what Kanan might think.


She always has a wonderful way to receive my views and express the most appropriate response to help me move forward. I can only recommend Kanan to anyone willing to bring change to their life and seeking clarity - whether in their physical space or in their mind!

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Veronica Hugman (NT)

I can highly recommend Kanan, she has a really calm presence and gives you non judgemental support to help you get clarity. She covers so many areas of your life... your head, heart and your surroundings! Its so easy to think you can do it all yourself but the way forward isn't always clear or straight forward and this is where Kanan gets you going... in the right direction. Lovely lady!

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Nicky (NT)

The first session with Kanan was to tackle my bedroom. She helped me to sort through and make sensible decisions about my clothes. I was able to declutter and now have a tidy space. More importantly I have continued to maintain things and always fold my clothes in a way that I can see and find things quickly.


My second session was to tackle the dreaded paperwork. I have always struggled with keeping up-to-date and misplacing important documents. I had so many bits of paper that I didn't need but could never get round to organising because it was too overwhelming.


Now I have just a few folders with everything clearly labelled and can find documents without getting stressed and pulling the house apart. I highly recommend Kanan who is understanding and non-judgemental. She has begun to bring a sense of order and serenity to my life.

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Debra (NT)

It was a pleasure to work with you. You kept me motivated and helped me sort through my things quickly. You made a tough job seem easy

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R (NT)

You have enabled me to see life in a completely different way by encouraging me to focus my mind and bring clarity to my thoughts in order to live the best life that I can. I felt completely at ease with you as you gave me the opportunity to express my feelings without any judgement in a relaxing environment. You were very calm and listened intently to what I had to say.


Equally you clearly explained methods and techniques that I could use in order to achieve the targets that I had set for myself. It was a profound moment when I realised that what I thought was the first thing I needed to work on to bring happiness to my life, was actually the last. I discovered a lot about myself: my beliefs, my relationships and my perceptions.


Kanan helped me to understand my emotional behaviour and the difference between reacting and responding to a situation. I am also now actively choosing beliefs that make me feel better about myself.


Kanan really helped me during the times when I couldn't put my thoughts into words. I am now able to use these strategies during times when life becomes chaotic and I can bring myself back into the moment to concentrate on what is important. Thank you so much for guiding and enabling me to live a life of gratitude, positivity and happiness.

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Jane (NT)

The vision board Kanan helped me create was the driving force behind the realization that I wanted a more grown-up lounge that would radiate a calm and elegant atmosphere. This was such a wonderful and exciting way to approach what was possible.


Kanan never pushed me out of my comfort zone into anything I wasn’t sure about but she inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with colour and designs than I would have otherwise been. Working with Kanan transformed the room. Everyone loves it and it’s created the type of atmosphere I was striving for — peace and tranquility, stylish and modern.


I knew what I liked but my issues were putting it all together, which is where Kanan excels. I would work with Kanan again in a heartbeat.

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Claudio Von Sosen (NT)

Thought about doing a vision board for years with no idea what I would put on it. Kanan offered guidance in a safe environment to help me pinpoint my priorities and harness my dreams!

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Kiran (NT)

I had managed to get myself into a state of having to de-clutter regularly only to get a gradual build up each time. I knew that what I was doing wasn't working. We all have our issues. I didn't find it easy getting rid of belongings. Finding things had become a nightmare and all cupboards, nooks and crannies were crammed full of things acquired over the years.


Kanan helped me get me into the right mindset of discarding and keeping. It has allowed me to sort my clothes and daughter’s toys so they spark joy and look great. I wanted to declutter without feeling I was wasting things or losing precious memories.


Kanan helped me appreciate that the memories will always be there. Now I feel so much happier in my home. Kanan is a lovely warm person and she was just right for me. I haven’t finished yet, but I have the tools to continue either alone or with Kanan’s gentle assistance as required. I really appreciate her respect for my idiosyncrasies.

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Holly (NT)

Thanks for the help starting the process with me. I've managed to sort the rest of the bedroom on my own.. I feel more positive about the flat and housework!