About me....

Clients that I REALLY love working with are complex and know they are different to most others.  They self-identify or suspect they are gifted, twice-exceptional, have Aspergers/autism or ADHD.  Like a rainbow or jewel which is multifaceted and underappreciated.

After years of working with highly intelligent exceptionally wonderful individuals to declutter their homes, I have realised my true purpose lies in helping them to clear the misunderstandings that are cluttering their ability to experience connection, peace and happiness in their most important relationships.

My ability to translate different people’s experiences of the world means that you get to experience harmony in your relationships and optimism for the future.

I have always felt different to everyone around me, a bit like an alien on the wrong planet!  I couldn't quite figure out why.  Shy, introverted, not comfortable in groups of people, academically successful and a voracious learner.  Anxiety and stress were good friends as were sleepless nights of constant thinking and worrying.  I was happy and successful, but I always felt there was something missing and I couldn't put my finger on it.

On the journey of discovering and getting a diagnosis of Aspergers (or "high-functioning" autism) for my son, I realised my partner was ADHD, my other son was a HSP (highly sensitive person) and that I was also autistic.  Suddenly my whole life made sense!  On that journey I also discovered the meaning of giftedness, High potentials, twice exceptionality and rainforest minds.  What a joy!

It explained my:-

  • Social awkwardness, even at times, with family and friends

  • Difficulty doing "small talk" - I need deep, philosophical, interesting conversations!

  • Physical exhaustion and needing time alone in peace and quiet to recover, especially after socialising

  • Sensitivity to smells, bright lights, certain sounds, temperature extremes and fabrics against my skin - especially pesky care labels!  But I love cosy comfortable clothing!

  • Intense focus and losing track of time doing the things I love - whether shopping for clothes or googling my favourite subjects of neurodiversity and life coaching

  • My love for the same weekly routines and going to the same places - comforting!

  • High expectations and standards of myself and others (perfectionist tendencies sound familiar?!)

In a neurotypical world there are not enough, if any, holistic services tailored to support us and our families.  That is why I have trained and gathered experience in the best tools and strategies proven to transform life for the better in every way.  Ancient wisdom combined with modern western psychology with a big dose of lived experience brings me here to you. 

I am a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Happiness Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness meditation teacher and member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers.

I am fully insured and all my work is confidential and discreet.

Many years ago I got a degree in Management and Marketing of Textiles from the University of Manchester Science and Technology.  My first career was as a Buyer of menswear fashion as I appreciate creativity, beauty, craftmanship

and understanding how things come together to create an experience.

My intention is to provide a high-level service for neurodivergent adults and their families - one which is designed and delivered by a neurodivergent who knows how you feel and what you are going through.