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Empower Exceptional Individuals Holistically
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Perception Podcast

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

Why embracing your neurodiversity is the key to a harmonious and fulfilled adult life

Topics discussed:

  1. What it was like growing up as someone who is not neurotypical.

  2. How I battled with changing schools and feeling like I never belonged anywhere.

  3. My coping strategies that I also now use with my clients.

  4. How exhausting it is as an autistic person to always be trying to figure out what's needed in social situations.

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The Other Stories Podcast

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

Perfect as you are...

Topics discussed:

  1. How seeking to understand some of my son’s traits and attributes actually helped me make sense of my own and my husband’s life too by learning what it means to be 2E.

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Unleash Monday

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

How to empower exceptional individuals holistically.

Topics discussed:

  1. By finding tools that work for YOU, you can actually thrive in many aspects of life as a Neurodivergent.

  2. The importance of getting additional support to medical attention.

  3. Why ND children are often unhappy and frustrated in school.

  4. Coaching for ND relationships.

  5. How decluttering can help you learn more about who you are and who you want to become.

  6. Why asking for help and support is nothing to be ashamed of.

  7. The benefits of learning to know what our self-care needs are.

  8. Being neurodiverse is awesome!

Institute of Neurodiversity

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

"Morwenna Stewart talks with Kanan Tekchandani, who runs Aspie Coach."

Topics discussed:

  1. Neurodivergent diagnosis

  2. Neurodiversity

  3. Yoga, meditation, wellness

  4. Organisation

  5. Twice exceptional

Connected, with Kristy Vail

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

Thriving as a Neurodivergent Individual in a Neurotypical world

Topics discussed:

  1. My path to working with neurodivergent individuals.

  2. Raising a child with a different brain & having them diagnosed with autism.

  3. The impact decluttering can have on our minds & well-being.

  4. Discovering I was autistic and what some of the key indicators were for me.

  5. How some brains require more time to process information + why that should be considered in learning environments, home + workplaces.

  6. The power of understanding your neurodivergent brain and healing past experiences that may have led you to feel misunderstood, unintelligent, lonely, etc.

  7. Improving your communication with neurotypical people who may not understand you + finding ways to make your relationship with yourself & others better.

The Fabulously Keto Podcast

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

094: Kanan Tekchandani – The Neurodivergent Vegan

Topics discussed:

  1. My journey and how I came to be involved in the neurodivergent community as a coach

  2. The tools I found to help myself and my neurodivergent love ones

  3. The meaning of neurodivergency and how it can manifest

  4. The challenges neurodivergent children face in mainstream schooling systems

  5. The role nutrition plays in our family to support our physical, emotional, and mental health

  6. How my work with neurodivergent adults help them overcome issues with work, relationships, anxiety, and depression

Minority Talks

Listen to the Podcast Interview here:

Living with Autism

Topics discussed:

My journey to becoming a peace promoter and Aspie Coach.

Baldock mum diagnosed with
autism at 44 after relating with
son's own experience

Read the Newspaper Article here:

Clean & Tidy Home Show

Read the Article here:

BBC News

Watch the Video here:

Women In Business Network

Watch the Video here:

Less Waste Hitchin

Watch the Video here:

Sustainable Living & Decluttering

Decluttering is a key process to help you evaluate your consumer and lifestyle habits allowing you to make better decisions about how to live more lightly going forward. It is an eye opening journey to stop and really evaluate ourselves and what impact we are having.

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