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Mindfulness and Yoga

Yoga at Home

Mindfulness and yoga is a wonderful tool to reduce stress and anxiety as well as a way to connect with yourself and your partner or family.  I teach slow mindful Hatha yoga with a focus on coming into the present moment fully without judgement.  This is for anyone who does not feel comfortable joining a large yoga class yet.  Perhaps you think you are not "flexible"enough to be doing yoga in front of other people, but yoga is for everyone not just the super bendy amongst us!  As a beginner, by practising one to one with me you will get full attention and support to give you the confidence to join a larger class or to practice yourself in the comfort of your own home.  We will start with the basics and grow your confidence through comfort in movement and building your strength.


Restorative Yoga

Chair Yoga

Childrens yoga

Yoga for children with ASD/ADHD (certified by Special Yoga Foundation)

Family yoga

I am fully trained to teach adults and children.  Family yoga and yoga for children is a wonderful way to reconnect with our peaceful selves and our family through fun and creativity.  Restorative yoga is particularly helpful for deeply relaxing the nervous system - great for those with busy lives and busy minds!

You can book in private 1:1 sessions or small group sessions, at my home studio or at your own home.  (Currently offering virtual sessions due to Covid 19)

From £45 ph.

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