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Hi, I'm Kanan

A holistic coach for Aspergers/autistic, gifted and twice-exceptional adults (and their families), who are professionally successful but find well-being and deep connection elusive.

I support highly sensitive, highly intelligent individuals to heal from their past, be confident leaders of their own life, role models for their family and community, build lasting relationships and craft a life they love without burning out.

If this is you, your child or your partner then I am here to guide you to experience heartfelt connection and harmony by embracing all aspects of neurodiversity with acceptance, joy and wonder instead of judgement, misunderstanding and shame.

You may suspect or have been diagnosed with autism/Aspergers or ADHD but did you know that you may also be high potential, highly intelligent/gifted, highly creative and talented?

I am not here to diagnose or label - if you resonate with this complex, different way of being in the world I am here to help you reduce stress and anxiety AND access the inner resources that will allow you to reach your potential for happiness with ease.  I will help you to navigate to your highest authentic self.

Would you like the FREE and SIMPLE

"Guide to Understand and Support your Neurodivergent Self or Loved One"?

Have you always felt different and misunderstood?

Despite your gifts or professional success, do you feel life lacks meaning and fulfillment?   

Do you struggle with exhaustion and anxiety, maybe depression and burnout? 


Is your mind constantly full of great ideas and worries?  

Are family or romantic relationships challenging, do few people really understand you deeply?  


When you are overwhelmed do you feel lost, confused, shut down....and wonder how other people do it all so easily?  You know you have more to give but feel stuck. 

Does everyday life feel hard and do you sometimes wonder "what's wrong with me?" 

Small talk bores you - do you want to find the deeper meaning of life?

If you've struggled for years to find help from someone who just gets you, then you are in the right place at the right time....

Ready to transform your life and

reach your exceptional potential?

What if your whole life could be a YES?

Inner calm. 
Outer Success. 
Meaningful Relationships. 
All are possible. 
And they’re possible for YOU.


As someone who’s always known they are different, you know you have a unique set of challenges. 


But dido you also know you have a unique set of gifts? 


On our journey together you will discover resources you didn’t even know you had. We get practical, so your challenges no longer hold you back.  A little bit of magic will happen - meaningful coincidences and surprising transformations.

Here you can speak your truth in safety. I invite you to share the full messy complexity of who you are. You are perfect as you are.


Blow away the heavy dust of the past, whisper to the jewel in your soul. Embrace all that you are and let's shine a light on what's possible for you. If you are here, the universe has brought us together for a reason.

I invite you to go on a deep journey of personal growth, spiritual awakening and enlightenment towards inner peace and joy. From this place you will become the co-creator of the life you dream of.

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Breathing Coach



 Teachers Tony Robbins,
Cloe Madanes, 
Mark Peysha,
and Magali Peysha.
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