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About Me...

The clients I REALLY love working with are complex and know they are different to most others. They self-identify or suspect they are gifted, twice-exceptional, have Aspergers/autism or ADHD — like a rainbow or jewel that is multifaceted and underappreciated.

"Anxiety and stress were good friends as were sleepless nights of constant thinking and worrying. I was happy and successful, but I always felt there was something missing and I couldn't put my finger on it."

My life purpose lies in helping them clear the misunderstandings that are cluttering their ability to experience connection, peace and happiness in their most important relationships.

My ability to translate different people’s experiences of the world means that you get to experience harmony in your relationships and optimism for the future.

I have always felt different to everyone around me, a bit like an alien on the wrong planet! I couldn't quite figure out why. Shy, introverted, not comfortable in groups of people, academically successful and a voracious learner.

On the journey of discovering and getting a diagnosis of Aspergers  — or 'high-functioning' autism — for my son,

I realised my partner was ADHD, my other son was a highly sensitive person (HSP) and that I was also autistic.

Suddenly my whole life made sense! On that journey I also discovered the meaning of giftedness, High potentials, twice exceptionality and rainforest minds. What a joy!

It explained my:

  • Social awkwardness, even at times, with family and friends

  • Difficulty doing "small talk". I need deep, philosophical, interesting conversations!

  • Physical exhaustion and needing time alone in peace and quiet to recover, especially after socialising

  • Sensitivity to smells, bright lights, certain sounds, temperature extremes and fabrics against my skin — especially those pesky care labels! But I love cosy and comfortable clothing!

  • Intense focus and losing track of time doing the things I love — whether shopping for clothes or Googling my favourite subjects of neurodiversity and life coaching

  • My love for the same weekly routines and going to the same places — comforting!

  • High expectations and standards of myself and others (perfectionist tendencies sound familiar?!)

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Many years ago I got a degree in Management and Marketing of Textiles from the University of Manchester Science and Technology. My first career was as a Buyer of menswear fashion as I appreciate creativity, beauty, craftmanship and understanding how things come together to create an experience.


My intention is to provide a high-level service for neurodivergent adults and their families — one that is designed and delivered by a neurodivergent who knows how you feel and what you are going through.

Below is an exploration of the services I offer. If you’re confused and looking for answers on how you can support yourself or your loved ones, reach out and book a discovery call, or simply sign up for my “Simple Guide to Understanding and Supporting your Neurodivergent self or Loved ones Series”. Every other day, I offer you one of my 5 audios, videos, or other tools to take you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to calm and clear.

Support for Gifted/2E Individuals

If you are here you have probably found professionals like therapists and counsellors are not as helpful as you hoped. Studying and learning about neurodiversity will never give the same level of empathy as actually being neurodivergent does. This is what makes my service unique and effective.

This is a holistic service for those who are ready to invest in themselves in order to achieve inner peace and reach their highest potential in all areas of life.

Sessions take place via Zoom (with or without video on) or videocall. Whatever feels most comfortable for you.


Support for Gifted/2E Individuals

  • Exploring the possibility of Aspergers/Autism/ADHD/Giftedness/2E as an adult, without judgment, in a safe space where you will feel understood

  • To feel hopeful and thrive after a recent diagnosis

  • Parenting a neurodiverse child as neurotypical parents

  • Neurodiverse parenting

  • Improve your relationship with your partner (Relationship Whispering to translate where one or both of you are neurodivergent)

  • Improve the relationship with your parents

  • Anxiety and depression management

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Exhaustion and burnout recovery and prevention


Letting Go of Anxiety

If anxiety and stress is affecting areas of your work productivity, time keeping, physical health or relationships then it's time to assess what is going wrong. Often the anxiety has been apparent for many years, perhaps since childhood.


Many of my clients have already tried counselling and other complimentary therapies but the issue is still not quite resolved because the root problem was not identified and dealt with. Anxiety can affect your quality of life and if you know things have to change then take the first step and get in touch.

Together we explore intuitively to get to the root of the problem, decide where you want to be in life and creatively identify ways to get there. With me as your coach, you will feel completely supported every step of the way, allowing you to finally make the changes in mindset and habits needed, to move you towards living the life you want.

Ready for your life to finally change FOR THE BETTER?


Relationship Whispering

Coaching for intense individuals and their partner or families.


It's so easy to fall into habits of arguing, not talking, mistrust, not feeling understood, heard, loved or important.


It doesn't have to be this way.


Relationships can be a source of support, activation, joy and fulfillment.


Find out what's possible for you and your loved ones with me as your coach holding a safe space, translating misunderstandings into opportunities to grow closer and stronger together.

Find harmony, trust, connection and deeper love.



My vision is to raise awareness of a part of the spectrum of autism which is often invisible and misunderstood — those who are also gifted or talented.


For girls/women and highly sensitive, smart individuals there is particularly little understanding of their experience and challenges due to their ability to mask.


I am happy to provide insight into this hidden masked world to educate parents, teachers and other professionals.


In this way we can build bridges and provide the best, most appropriate support for these exceptional individuals so they may thrive, flourish and contribute.


Each individual has exceptional gifts that can create massive positive change in the world. Get in touch if you are looking for insight direct from an actually autistic speaker.

What's the difference between therapy, counselling and coaching?

Psychotherapy and counselling are generally a more medical/clinical framework that includes identifying and diagnosing dysfunctions and prescribing treatment.


Coaching starts with you, now, and provides guidance on how to take practical steps that progress you towards the goals, relationships, and experience you want.


It is more conversational and informal. I personally believe the client has everything they need inside them already, the solutions and resources just need to be guided and drawn out.

Well-being and happiness come from the ability to make smart and creative actions in life.


Coaching is not meant to replace psychotherapy — it is a distinctly practical approach to supporting clients in the decisions and actions that will support their goals, relationships, and fulfilment in life.


It can be a powerful compliment alongside therapy or if you feel you've reached a plateau with therapy and now want to start taking action to create the life you want!

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