Support for gifted/2E individuals

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Ways I can support you:

  • Exploring the possibility of Aspergers/Autism/ADHD/Giftedness/2E as an adult, without judgment, in a safe space where you will feel understood

  • To feel hopeful and thrive after a recent diagnosis

  • Parenting a neurodiverse child as neurotypical parents

  • Neurodiverse parenting

  • Improve the relationship with your partner (Relationship Whispering to translate where one or both of you are neurodivergent)

  • Improve the relationship with your parents

  • Anxiety and depression management

  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

  • Exhaustion and burnout recovery and prevention

I can support you via zoom (with or without video on) or videocall.  Whatever feels most comfortable for you.

If you are here you have probably found professionals like therapists and counsellors are not as helpful as you hoped.  Studying and learning about neurodiversity will never give the same level of empathy as actually being neurodivergent does.  This is what makes my service unique and effective. 

This is a holistic service for those who are ready to invest in themselves in order to achieve inner peace and reach their highest potential in all areas of life.